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In much of the tropics, however, just two seasons are recognized locally:. Spring is the time of the year in which the processes of birth and growth are most evident.

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Autumn seems overwhelmingly sad to me. El verano se acerca. Summer is getting near. No tengo nada que hacer durante el invierno.

I don't have anything to do during winter. The same rule applies in the plural form:.


Herramientas para estaciones

Los veranos en la ciudad nos traen grandes conciertos. Summers in the city bring us great concerts. I love the brilliant colors of New England autumns.

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No me gustan los inviernos. I don't like winters. In summer we should take care of our hair with products designed for this season. Los colores de primavera son muy llamativos y bonitos. Spring colors are very intense and pretty. It was already autumn in Paris. The main names of the four seasons in Spanish all come from Latin:. Invierno comes from hibernum , which is also the root for "hibernate.

Imperative Commands in Spanish Grammar

Verano comes from veranum , which in Latin could refer to either spring or summer. Every spring , the plus species of flowered plants in the park create a brilliant display. All of the words, speech, and songs are in Spanish; these videos contain no English. In Spanish for Kids: Las Estaciones , kids will join a mouse named Fritzi and her friend Maria as they learn about the seasons of the year. Listen to and repeat the Spanish words, and sing and dance along to the music. No prior Spanish knowledge is required.

A helpful guide is included that contains the song lyrics as well as English translations of many of the words in the video. The main menu lets you play the video, play the video on repeat for those times when you need a lot of babysitting repetitious learning , or play a series of songs from the video. The songs are catchy and fun to sing along with. She is quickly joined by her friend Maria, a grown up, live action person.

Other live action kids show up to help practice vocabulary words. Fritzi is the subject of the story, but Maria does the talking. There are parts where Maria asks kids to repeat back, as the kids in the video demonstrate. Throughout the story, Spanish vocabulary words are shown on the screen as they are introduced. Maria takes viewers through the four seasons of the year, with songs interspersed between sections. The songs have a traditional Latin feel that will get everyone moving.

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The video also goes into detail about what happens in each of the four seasons with plenty of vocabulary words. The seasons are covered one by one, in order. At the beginning, Fritzi is a bit upset because her birthday is in the fall, and it is currently winter. It ends with her happily dreaming of her birthday party.

The video is filled with clear, Spanish speaking with basic words and vocabulary. Kids will learn plenty of words, and older kids who already have a beginning knowledge of Spanish will pick up even more.