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See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 1. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. It's a basketball player from your college, sitting down in the corner wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. You notice his entourage talking to the hottest girls in the club.

Now the cute girl you are trying to talk to is distracted by the spectacle he's creating. She leaves you to go see what is going on. Girls gravitate to men who are great at something. And it doesn't have to involve money. The computer game champion has groupies. The DJ has groupies. The photographer has groupies. The bass fishing champion has groupies. The sidewalk artist has groupies. The blogger has groupies.

I don't care what it is, but if you have a passion for something and do it well, girls will notice and want a piece. Category one guys decide not to take care of their problem, and evolution will probably weed them out as their seed is not spread. Most guys fall in category two. They don't want to be bothered with going out to "get laid," and are very content being with one woman for an extended period of time.

Many of your beta males fall into this category, sticking with a less-than-ideal women to avoid being single again. Category three is where I'd classify myself and most of the guys I know.

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We go out where the women are, game them, and go for the lay. We do it for conquest just as much as physical pleasure.

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We are working on making the jump to category four, rock star status. Here, we sit back and let pussy come to us. While we all have experienced glimmers of this fourth category, it will take continued work on ourselves and our own projects to achieve the state permanently.

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I was sort of curious what would happen if we did this, and made it clear to them that I didn't have any positive expectations. One friend did voice his concern that we are cockblocking ourselves. But the opposite happened. Girls constantly approached us to ask what the shirt means. They engaged us in conversation. One of us had the idea of saying we are in a band called I Pump And Dump, so we went with that and made up stories for the night.

We never got so much attention in our lives. I vividly remember the hottest girl in the bar coming up to us and asking to take our picture with her, thinking we were famous.