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Power Play, a riveting, true to life Political Thriller, which will hold you breathless.

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They hire fifteen-year-old Anita Bashera as their housekeeper. Little did they know that she is the daughter of the soon to be elected Prime Minister, Abdullah Bashera. Complicating matters, they invite a young man named Habib to help them get settled. Emotions run high as the two young people find themselves working in close-quarters, but she has a problem.

The two young people find themselves caught in the middle of political intrigue, personal crisis, and the chaos of war. Can their budding love endure or will they let their differences tear them apart? Time is running out. Three people hold the clues to where a dirty bomb is located, but they are being systematically killed. After their escape from Beirut, Lebanon, Jared and Fatemah Russell return to America and are caught between radical Muslims and their own safety.

Joined by Habib Hanif and Anita Bashera, Jared and his friends meet three strangers who give them a cryptic message, but they too are being hunted. Is she willing to kill her own brother? Tensions rise, tempers flare as the clock ticks. Can they solve the mystery before America experiences another September 11th? Powell has done extensive research for this fictional, but true to life story. I attempted to call and email the publisher … nothing. Finally, I got a general announcement informing me and my fellow Tate authors that the company was undergoing a restructuring and that if we wanted our manuscripts back they had several options.

In essence, the company went belly up, so I chose the least painful route. Free for Three Days. Please download it, read it and give a review.

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A brunette, a red-head and a blonde were in jail when they decided to break out. Available for download now. Only 3 left in stock more on the way. Stranger in the White House Dec 04, Available to ship in days. Show Us the Father Oct 02, Only 1 left in stock more on the way. Seeing Jesus Apr 25, Available for immediate download. Provide feedback about this page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The first book is titled Good Night, Mr.

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Holmes and takes place concurrently with A Scandal in Bohemia. While Irene Adler is the main character, Sherlock Holmes plays a role in every book in the series. Michael Mallory has written a series of short stories and one novel Murder in the Bath about the second wife of Doctor Watson , here named "Amelia Watson.

In Kim Newman 's alternate history novel Anno Dracula , set in a world where Dracula becomes the monarch of Britain, Holmes is one of the prominent "warms" to protest against the new order. The vampire government of Lord Ruthven in turn imprisons him in a concentration camp in Devil's Dyke, Sussex. Holmes and Watson appear briefly in George MacDonald Fraser 's short story Flashman and the Tiger , which appears in the collection of that name.

The events there are consistent with those of the canonical story The Adventure of the Empty House , which takes place in Holmes sees Flashman disguised as a tramp and draws a series of conclusions about him which are all wrong.

Christian Nationalism is Anti-Gospel

The titular Arthur is an erstwhile Baker Street Irregular. John the Beheaded, revealed to be the work of Holmes's unknown eldest brother Sherringford sic , Holmes in the end being forced to kill Sherringford sic to save Watson. They are later amongst numerous characters from the series who attend Bernice Summerfield 's wedding in Happy Endings by Paul Cornell. Author Nancy Springer writes a series of novels of the adventures of Enola Holmes , the much younger teenage sister of Sherlock and Mycroft.

Upon their mother's disappearance, Enola discovers that she in fact left of her own volition according to a carefully devised plan to live independently and raised her daughter with the skills to do the same if she chose to. Finding the resources her mother carefully hid for her, Enola decides to run away rather than be forced into boarding school by Mycroft.

She eventually comes to London where she secretly sets herself up in business as a private investigator when she realises she is equally as talented at the profession as her older brother even as she is determined to elude his notice. Holmes cameos at the end of Detective Comics , the comic series' 50th anniversary issue, helping Batman , Robin , The Elongated Man , and Slam Bradley tie up a case involving the descendants of both Dr.

Watson and Professor Moriarty. Well over a century old now, Holmes attributes his longevity to "a proper diet, a certain distillation of royal jelly, developed in my beekeeping days, and the rarified sic atmosphere of Tibet, where I keep my primary residence. In the episode Elementary, Dear Data , Data , after memorising all of the Sherlock Holmes books, is challenged to use deduction in an original mystery created by Dr.

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However, the programme goes awry when Geordi La Forge , in response to Pulaski's challenge, asks the computer to create an adversary capable of defeating Data , resulting in the hologram of Professor Moriarty played by Daniel Davis gaining full sentience, kidnapping Dr. Pulaski and taking over the ship's computer. In a later episode, Ship in a Bottle , the holodeck Moriarty again takes control of the ship, insisting that a way be found for him to experience life beyond the confines of the holodeck, until the crew manage to trap him in a permanent simulation. The first Holmes-based episode was produced with the understanding that Sherlock Holmes was public domain , but a protest from the Doyle estate indicated otherwise and, it is rumoured, prevented a plan for Data-as-Holmes to become a recurring character.

An elderly Holmes and Watson appear in a sketch of comedy show That Mitchell and Webb Look , where Holmes is portrayed as an increasingly senile old man whose flawed deductions are merely humoured by Watson to try to make his old friend feel better; the sketch ends on a tearful note as Holmes, his mind briefly clear, admits to Watson that he knows that his powers are failing him but simply cannot think clearly enough to get past his age. Everett Kaser has published a series of free reflection games puzzles with names referring to Sherlock Holmes stories: Sherlock Holmes, however, does not appear in the games, except some very small icons.

Then he appears in the Shinjuku singularity as an ally. He is a Ruler class servant. These stories treat Sherlock Holmes as an historical character but concern themselves with one of his successors — biological or spiritual — who usually take after him in some way, e.

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Baker, 53, is the third-generation president of the company. He oversees a company that is now the third largest Christian publishing house behind Harper Christian, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's media empire News Corp, and Chicago-based Tyndale House, another independent publisher. Harper Christian brought Cascade Township-based Zondervan and one-time rival Nashville-based Thomas Nelson under one corporate umbrella.

Despite the growing competition from mainstream publishers entering the Christian market, Baker is more than holding its own. Baker's sales are up 6 percent for the current fiscal year that ends in April. Some have responded by expanding inventory to include non-book products.

Baker publishes new titles a year, ranging from academic and theological tomes to Christian fiction including best-selling author Beverly Lewis, who writes novels set in Amish communities. Baker's beginning.

Sisters of the Veil the Novel (The Jared Russell Series)

The family-owned publishing and book-selling business began in when Baker's grandfather, Herman Baker, opened a used bookstore on Grand Rapids' Southeast Side, and began publishing books. The Dutch immigrant started out working in a bookstore owned by his uncle, Louis Kregel, who later founded Kregel Publishing. He started his own Christian book business by opening a store at Wealthy St.

Celebrating 75 Years of 20th Century Fox

SE in what is now Brick Road Pizza. The first books that stocked on his homemade shelves came from his personal library. A small bookstore in Southeast Grand Rapids grew to become one of the country's largest Christian publishers. A year later, he expanded into the publishing business with the release of "More Than Conquerors, " a commentary on the Book of Revelation by his friend William Hendriksen. Herman Baker served as company president until , when his son Rich Baker took over.

The company employs about , with employees working at the Ada headquarters at E.

Fulton St. Another 50 work in a publishing office in Bloomington, Minn. Dwight Baker sees the recent investment from mainstream publishers such as Random House, Harper Collins and even Amazon into the Christian market as sign of its growth potential.

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Religious titles make up about 5 percent of the total U.