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Dahl Ensign. Wayment Ensign. Ludlow Ensign. The following are titles you can find and read as a Deseret Bookshelf PLUS member, however, I linked to the physical book on Amazon in case you prefer the hard copy.

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Pinegar, Richard J. Bible Videos - I love these newer Bible videos. Watch one Sunday morning as a review before going to church, use it in your lessons, or email the link to a family member and discuss it together. New Testament Illustrated Scripture Stories- You can watch these videos with your younger children as they follow along in the illustrated version of the New Testament. New Testament Videos- You can look up videos by the scripture they coincide with. New Testament Gospel Art- Find more images you can use to go with each lesson.

Seminary Music: New Testament- Playlist! New Testament Times at a Glance Chart 1. New Testament Times at a Glance Chart 2. New Testament Times at a Glance Chart 3. New Testament Chronology. Virtual New Testament - Experience the city virtually! Use my tracking sheet to help encourage your family. There are 50 different areas to color in no lessons General Conference weeks.

Print one for each person in your family or use it together. Want an easier way to keep track of what to read? Keep this reading assignment chart in your scriptures. Color in the line when you have finished your reading for easy tracking. Looking to read the entire New Testament instead? Use one of my free New Testament scripture reading tracker charts. It comes in 12 months, 6 months, and 3 months. There are so many fun ways to use my free New Testament cards. Use them as a part of a game or glue them into your journal as you study more about them.

Game ideas included in the post! Print yours out now! Textables come out monthly! Colette from My Computer is My Canvas designed these to be beautiful and versatile! Play New Testament Bingo as you review the lessons each week! If the question is answered incorrectly, no calling card is drawn OR everyone has to take one piece off their board. There are bunch of other ways you can put these Bingo boards to use including reward systems! Occasional notes between the verses clarify and alert you to major concepts and messages.

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The author makes reading the New Testament easier to understand. He clarifies the definition of many of the words and phrases used in Paul's time. A companion study guide to the New Testament that gives clarification and understanding to the writings of the apostles. Great help Great help in studying the gospel.

I highly recommend these books. I often use his books when preparing lessons for church. Dec 29, Tanya rated it really liked it Shelves: religion. This is a really difficult book for me to review, because I have such different feelings about different parts of it. I absolutely loved reading Acts with the aid of Ridge's commentary; I grasped insights that I'd never had before, and really connected with the early apostles. Through the Pauline letters I understood like never before the huge battle between the Mosaic Law and the New Law; somehow I hadn't previously noticed how constantly that comes up in the New Testament.

The last part of the This is a really difficult book for me to review, because I have such different feelings about different parts of it. The last part of the book, of course, deals with Revelation, and I wasn't that impressed with the commentary for this section. I probably just didn't apply myself diligently enough, but about 18 of the 22 chapters in Revelation still feel like gibberish to me.

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My biggest complaint about Ridge's commentary is something that I liked at the beginning. Each verse is constantly interrupted by parenthetical explanations of what each sentence means. I have written my thoughts and split them into two parts it is too long. I share with you below, part one. Next week, I will share part two. Ruach in Hebrew means wind.


Notice that I was never created. It was there all along, hovering over the tohu va vohu , the chaos. God was present before creation. It has no beginning and no end. It is permanent. Not created. It was there the whole time and will be there forever. That means to me that interdependency I has been and will be. On the first day of creation, God made the distinction between day and night.

For separating day from night there must be light. And light is, for me, illumination, a new day.

God’s Violence in the Old Testament, Part 2: Possible Solutions

It is E to me; it is fire. On the second day, God made the distinction between the water above and the water below. To me, water is A ; Water unites, like air, everything.

Notice the parallel with Greek ancient philosophy of the four elements for creation: air, fire, water and soil, earth. For me, the biblical narrative of creation follows the optimal PAEI sequence for building a company or creating anything new. Notice that to discover life on other planets we look for air, or at least water. I and A can be substitutes for each other.

We are all one enormous system with components that are interrelated. They share the element of oxygen and without it there is no life. When there is I , there is no waste of energy and for E , for creating something new, a lot of energy is necessary.

N.T. Quoted from O.T. Parallel Passages - Study Resources

To channel the energy of E , A is needed and then P can be created. In the first chapter, during creation, God gives a name to each thing He creates. This scene in the Old Testament made me think about how to resolve conflicts. Start by defining the keywords central to the conflict first.