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Order Catering Online. More about this Location Hungry? These Subs Help Save Lives A portion of your purchase goes toward providing life-saving equipment for first responders.

More About our Foundation. This is an extremely time consuming process, so it will be several months before these first summaries will be completed and more detailed information can be shared.

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However, we are quietly excited that our personal observations seem to confirm the findings of our first pilot study in We have long dreamed of setting up a research project to find out more about the beneficial effects of the skilled touch of Zero Balancing. This will focus on Electro Dermal Frequency data during a ZB session as described in more detail here.

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We appreciate all donations, no matter how large or small, and value your personal generosity in helping us achieve our goal. We are a c 3 organisation so all donations are tax deductible in the US. This clip has them reporting on the activities of the ZBTF and setting out their vision for for the Foundation.

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